synchronizing data


New member
Feb 1, 2006
I have the professional edition and am trying to synchronize data between my 2 computers.

Up till now I have been entering things onto my laptop and have built my database on it. I want to use my home PC as my base though. I do not have the 2 computers networked though.

After watching the video tutorial I was able to get an empty database on my home PC onto a flash disk, take it over to my laptop where I was able to synch it up with my database. I have copied this database and a compressed version to my flash drive. When I try to sync it back to the PC the program does not recognize either one of the files.

What am I doing wrong?


If you export to a .LBX file using the Sync Wizard, you must IMPORT the .LBX file using the Sync Wizard on the other computer. Please see this article for helpful tips on using two computers with the Professional Edition.