Tabbing through entries


Jun 12, 2007
I am in the process of converting my paper logbooks (many thousands of hours) to Logbook Pro. Anyone who has done this knows it is a tedious task. Of course, we also know there are ways to make it go a little faster. i.e. I am using the "Windows style" logbook to enter my data. When I am entering a new line (a new flight), after checking for the correct date, I use the tab key to tab to the aircraft model, then use the arrow key to scroll to the model I want.

The problem is this: let's say my previous entry was in a 172. Logbook Pro has remembered all of my previous 172 N-numbers. So if my next entry is a 172 flight as well, I can tab to the N-number field and just use the down arrow key and scroll to the N-number I need. Nice.

Unfortunately, the same thing is not possible (at least for me, so far) if the next flight happens to be any model of plane OTHER than a 172, or whatever the previous line's model was. Let's say the next flight is a 152. I tab to the aircraft model field, scroll down to the 152, no problem, then tab over to the N-number field. But now, if I use the down arrow, the only N-numbers available to me are N-numbers for 172's. If I want to see N-numbers for previously entered 152's, I have to mouse the cursor to the little drop down arrow in the N-number field and drop down the selections. Only then will the list of 152 N-numbers appear.

This is frustrating. My data entry would go a lot faster if I could use only the tab key and the arrow keys. Is this a bug in the programming or is the program simply not designed to work this way? I wish it would. It would make things SOOO much faster. Any info is appreciated.