Tile Horizontal Display issue


Nov 19, 2001
Here is something a bit annoying that I wonder if anyone has noticed. I don't think it is suppose to happen, so I thought I'd run it by you all.

If you have your display windows set to tile horizontal, and you select any window except the logbook(spreadsheet), the window just activates as the selected window. But when you select the logbook(spead sheet), the displaly window for spreadsheet somehow realigns itself causing the main program to produce horizontal and vertical scroll bars. These main bars are in addition to the existing scroll bars of the spreadsheets' window. If you pick any other window, the main scroll bars disappear, as the speadsheet window resets itself to fit within the proper display margins. Not a major issue, but none the less a bit annoying.

I don't know if this behavior is particular to just my machine and display settings, so if anyone else has observed this, let Neal know, (he's a perfectionist) and will address it.

Observation made with monitor setting at 1280x1024 and LB Pro maximized on the screen.
Ahhhh, but nice try mon frere, here is what is happening.

Logbook Pro is what is called a MDI application, or 'Multiple Document Interface' just like MS Word and other Office programs were (and can still be, if configured in the gazillion options).

What is happening is your Spreadsheet Style logbook screen is simply not maximized and therefore you see a scroll bar within the grid area of your data and a scroll bar for the container that houses the Spreadsheet Form. Okay, getting a little greek here, so let me continue to digress.

All you have to do is maximize your spreadsheet style window. You can do this by either moving the far right scroll bar to the top so you can see the buttons on the top of the Spreadsheet style window and click the maximize button OR double click the title bar for the Spreadsheet Style window, or any other window for that matter.

Logbook Pro (and the software used to design it) has a known problem with this type of situation and used to be forced to show all areas as maximized. Well, I took spears for that, so I did my best workaround and you have what you have now (which works pretty good I hope).

So, that's my documentary. Nothing is wrong, it's just a matter of learning more about our wonderful computers and todays topic of the 'MDI' or Multiple Document Interface.

Hope this helps you out but more importantly THANK YOU for using this forum as we can all help each other, if anyone wants to try and beat me to the punch! /forums/emoticons/smile.gif

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.
I thought I had one for you to work on. Oh well, thanks for the explanation. What I wanted was a solution, and that's exactly what you've provided. So, I'm happy.