Analyzer problem remains


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Feb 28, 2002
Hi Neal,

sorry it took a bit of time, but I'm completely reinstalled. Unfortunatly the problem I was having with the master filter inside the analyzer remains. Just to recap.:

Win 98 (first edition) Fully updated
LBP 1.9.7

I already had the problem with 1.9.6 so it might be that my file is corrupted... I'll zip it and email it to you.

The problem remains that if I start LBP, I always look at my logbook in spreadsheet style. If I open the analyzer, everything works fine. I can select any column and for example turn on/off by power-charac. etc. The problem starts as soon as I select the little pulldown list for the main filter. The list will drop down and "drop up" again immediatly. After this, no matter where I click inside the screen, this list will drop down AND up again. I can select a filter by typing at this stage. even the little X to close the program will have the same outcome. The only way to get out of this is CTRL-ALT-DEL to force your program close.

I have tried to start the analyzer WITHOUT having the spreadsheet-style lb open. When I do that everything runs as advertised. THE PROBLEM ONLY EXISTS WHEN THE SPREADSHEET STYLE IS OPEN IN THE BACKGROUND!

Thank you in advance for your quick help,


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Hi neal, I have spoken too soon. I was working with the analyzer without having my spreadsheet open, and this time I encoutered the problem aswell. Hope you can find the cause of thi issue.


Attitude is Everything!
But Remember, Attitudes are Contagious!
Is Yours worth Catching????

I cannot duplicate this with your data file. I open the Analyzer, click the drop down to the right of the 'Master Filter' label and it drops down and I can select items in the list and filter the Analyzer. I've tried going into the Display Config of the analyzer, change things, come back, still works fine. I opened the spreadsheet style log, change display config, back to the analyzer, no problem.

So if you start Logbook Pro, go straight to the Analyzer, click the Master Filter drop down list, it will not show anything and just close up? I'm not sure the speed of your computer, but it may be requerying your data, give it a minute and see if it finishes its operation. On my system, the change is near instant but this is Windows XP (much faster then 98) and a fast processor and a lot of RAM.

I'm not sure what to tell you other then see if you can narrow it down, if anyone else can duplicate this, etc. I will reopen this for review and trace the code in the next update to see if there is any possible situation that can cause this.