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Time mistakes

Aug 1, 2007
on one leg in apdl i changed the input times to local instead of zulu by mistake. this gave me a block of about 22 hrs.. i did not catch this untill after the sync with logbook pro. logbook pro now shows a block time on that one leg of 22 hrs. went back into apdl and corrected the times back to zulu giveing me the correct block time and re synced just that day. log book pro still shows a block time of 22 hrs. tried deleteing that leg in both apld and logbook pro and re syncing. then manualy puting the leg back in apdl and syncing that day, still shows 22 hrs.. finally changed logbook pro so they both match with the correct block time but if i re sync that day it goes back to 22 hrs..i have tried every combination of deleting legs and reimputing and syncing that i can think of and each time i resync that day it comes up with 22 hrs and the original block time in logbook pro... i relize there probably wont be a time when i need to sync the whole logbook but is there a way to change it so that the sync for that day will show the correct block time? in addition because of that mistake the legs are now in the wrong order for that day.

When you resync data you already sync'd to Logbook Pro make sure you set the Date Filter in Logbook Pro's PDA Wizard to "On or After..." and set the date to the first date you will be resyncing. Logbook Pro deletes APDL imported rows in Logbook Pro prior to resyncing, so it should get updated properly this way.