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Toggle Route Lines on/off


Jul 3, 2007
Detroit, Michigan
I would like the ability to toggle the red route line on/off. Sometimes I just like to see all the airports that i have been to in my flying career.
If you are using version 2 and send your data to Google Earth, you can toggle the route lines on and off in that program.

Thank you for your reply. I have done that in Google Earth, I just thought it would be nice to have the option to toggle the route lines off before the build. A little check box in the dialog to show route lines would be sufficient. That way I would just have the placemarks. As you may know, when you have a lot of flights it looks like the US map is bleeding. With the toggle you would just see the scattering of airports you have been to and not be distracted by all of the lines. I thought it would be relatively easy to do a check for that variable and draw or not draw the route lines based on the check. Of course if drawing the route line is integral to the algorithm that creates the map then it wouldn't be so easy.
Thank you again,