Transfer Logbook Pro & sync to old PDA


Jun 17, 2005
Hi, Just bought a new laptop with Vista on it. I plan to tranfer Logbook Pro to this computer and continue to sync APDL with my old PPC. To further complicate the issue I plan to continue to sync my PPC with my old desktop computer for other features/programs such as schedule with Outlook. I plan to do the following to prep for this:
-Back up logbook Pro
-Back up APDL
-Install Logbook Pro to new laptop & restore data

This is where I'm not sure how to proceed...When I create the new partnership with my laptop will I have any issues setting up APDL to import into Logbook Pro as I did previously...

Once I get all up and running I plan to un-install Logbook Pro from my desktop due to licence restrictions...

Any help/suggestions would be great!

Sorry, had a better look at the licencing requirements for the standard edditon... If I un-install Logbook Pro before installing it on my laptop is there any reason the Professional Eddition would work better? I plan to have my laptop or at least my PPC with me at all times so I shouldn't require the sync capabiltties between desktop & key advantage, as I understand it of Pro Edditon...

Hello Mike,

To use two computers for one pilot logbook requires the Professional Edition license. As you are an APDL user, you may also like the FAR 121 features in the Professional Edition. With the Standard Edition, when activating a new computer the old computer could get locked out by our system.
Ok, finally got around to doing this and here's what I found out.
Here's what I did:
-Installed latest version of Mobile Device Center to VISTA computer
-Backed up logbook Pro
-Backed up APDL
-Uninstalled APDL & Logbook Pro
-Turned user account setting to off on VISTA machine (First tried without and wouldn't install)
-Installed Logbook Pro to new laptop, ativated & restored data
-Installed APDL & activated.
-Turned user account setting to on...logbook Pro would no longer start. So turned back off and once again worked ok
-Tried a sync with APDL and all worked well.

I would much perfer to have Logbook Pro work with the User Account setting on. All my other programs work with this setting enabled and would like to have the hightened level of security. I there another solution such as changing security settings on the Logbook Pro shortcut? Other than this issue I'm happy with the install on VISTA.

New LS-800 Computer

Trying to add program to new Tablet computer. Upgraded Logbook Pro to Prof. & still can't get prog not to lock up. UnInst/reinstalled several times now. MS Windows XP Tablet PC Ed. 2005 ver 2002 SP2, 1.2 GHZ, .99GB RAM.

Try the following:

-Click and type in REGEDIT, press okay to get into the registry editor
-Expand Software
-Expand VB and VBA Program Settings
-Find any entries on the left with "Logbook Pro" in the text, right-click and delete each one
-Close the registry editor