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trip changes

Aug 1, 2007
had a 4 day trip imported and ready to go flew the first 2 legs of 3 that day no problem then the company changed the last leg of that day and the entire last 3 days... how do i handle this with regard to importiing the new trip and keeping the fist 2 legs that i have already flown.. do i reimport the entire new trip and just put in the times that have already been flown or manually put in all the new legs and erase the old ones that were cancelled.... thanks

Eric A.

Senior Support Engineer
Staff member
Jan 18, 2003

Option 1 make the changes manually.

Option 2 Delete the entire trip from the PDA and reimport when you get to your overnight. The legs that have already been flown will have the actual times that the company entered into the computer.