Trips not importing into Outlook


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Oct 20, 2003
I imported my February trips into APDL via the APDL Schedule Importer as usual, then started APDL on my phone so everything was updated. However, for some reason none of my trips are showing up in Outlook like they normally do. Any suggestions?
Thanks Neal for the quick response, but after checking my General Preferences, Use Calendar was checked and Set Reminders was not checked. I've just tried syncing again and still nothing. Any other suggestions?
I'm trying to import all my trips for Feb. 2010. I checked the settings for Windows Mobile Device Center and it's set on "2 weeks prior and all future appointments".
Yep, Strange, it's worked every other month but not for February. I might try reimporting a trip at a time and see if that does anything.
That didn't work either. I did notice some of my times were off for the first trip of the month. I kept getting scheduled over 8 hours block and 16 hours duty error messages, so I changed times to what they should be but still no Outlook calendar.