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Aug 10, 2014
I recently went back to being a Reserve pilot (position change) from being a line holder and ran into an issue since I haven't used APDL as a reserve although this problem wouldn't necessarily be a reserve specific issue. I was called out to fly days 2 and 3 of a three day pairing so I imported the entire trip and deleted the first day after the import but after I did that from the Schedule and Calendar section for that trip APDL was showing in inverse green No Duty. The legs were there and I could input the times but APDL did not recognize these days as duty days and the legs did not show up on the Status Page, instead I had to go to either the Schedule or Calendar page to access those legs for time inputs.

Is there a trick to prevent this in the future or would it be better to simply build a trip like this manually, bypassing the importer?

FYI, AA pilot from the legacy US Airways side importing from CATCREW.
Something's definitely not working right. I've now flown 3 trips after my first post in this thread and APDL still comes up showing No Duty whether I manually build a schedule, import a schedule by copy/paste from CATCREW into the importer, which has worked for the previous year and a half or copy/paste into the importer from Winbid.

My my first above post was applicable to my APDL before joining the Beta and the recent three problems have been since joining the Beta but the problem is the same. I had recently imported my previous Palm APDL files into this new system but had a couple trips work properly after that and prior to my current problem but am not positive if that may have caused an underlying problem.

Here are some screen shots from my current trip;

Day 2 of trip at report time.


From the schedule & Future Duty pages

Day 2 of trip from Schedule Page

1059 local 1459Z at report time, shot of Status Page no Current/Next Flight etc.


After entering Out time from Schedule page and forcing Status page into On Duty

Blocked Out manually from Schedule page to get a Block Out to show on Status page.

End of duty day today and due to weather our rest is not legal but APDL does not show this.


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Issue Resolved. Turns out somewhere along the line I recently had turned off the Apply to Legality under Settings>>Payroll and the Block category.