Trouble importing AirTran CDOs


Aug 2, 2005
I have been having trouble importing AirTran CDOs. Here is one specific example:

A3555 07/28/05 BSE REPT: 2010 REPORT- 07/28/05 LOCAL Times
1 28 0262 ATL-FNT 2055 2248 0153 FNT 642
-CREW-ON-DUTY- HOLIDAY INN Gateway Centr (810)232-5300
2 29 0251 FNT-ATL 0530 0726 0156 0349 0000 0436 0436 1131
D-END: 0741 --------------------------------------
TOTALS BLOCK 0349 DHD 0000 CREDIT HRS. 0436 T.A.F.B. 1131

I generally have success importing from CrewTrac using the GenericCrewTrac Modified Pairings. I can also use the AirTran pdf format import using our pdf bid package. However, the first method is easier. This trip doesn't import using either method. Using the first method, I get:

Imported trip: A3555 a BIDLINE

Day 1 (Duty On: ---- Duty Off:----)

Leg 1 0262 ATL FNT 2055 2248

Note the second day is not imported at all, and the duty on/off times do not import.

Using the second method, I get:
Could not find SCHEDULE_END keyword


In the meantime, is there any way I can modify this schedule to get it to work? I frequently work the same standup all month, and it would make it much easier if I could doctor up the schedule to get it to import.

Also, do you have any estimate of the next release date?

Hi Dan,

We are hoping to tidy up a few loose ends and get an update out in the next 1-2 weeks. We have a lot of schedule importer activity right now and as soon as we get all the correspondence nailed down, we'll button up the schedule importer for another update. Our policy is not to announce dates as it will guarantee we don't meet them! :) However, our target update for a 1 August refresh is nearing completion. I'll let Josh address your first question.