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Two blank boxes?


Mar 31, 2006
What are the two blank boxes on the left side of the approach dropdown? Is there a tutorial that I can look at on APDL? Sort of like the one that comes with logbook pro?
You can view the APDL manual, by clicking "Start","All Programs", "ADPL", and "Palm Edition" or "Pocket PC Edition" on your computer. Here is a description of each field in the leg(s) section:

In the Leg(s) Section:​
Row 1: Flight Number, Departure, Destination, Actual Out Time, Actual In Time, and Actual Block Time (min).
Row 2: Aircraft ID, Payroll Category, Scheduled Out Time, Scheduled In Time, and Scheduled Block Time.
Row 3: Night, Instrument, Type of Approach, Position/Flying Pilot/Time-of-Day, and Notes.​