UNKOWN in Aircraft Ident


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APDL Beta Team
Oct 30, 2007
For some reason I have started getting an UNKOWN when I import my ADPL data into my logbook. I have been flying the same aircraft for over 2 years, but it has just now become a problem. I am not sure if I am simply DH more and I have actually started to log that in ADPL when before I just deleted that leg.

I have also noticed that there are cities that I have flown to before that I now have to enter timezone data for when I import.

Any help is appreciated!
Hello Sean,

Are you importing via the PDA Wizard from APDL to Logbook Pro 1.11.0? There shouldn't be any change in this system. Make sure your default A/C is set in the PDA Wizard on the APDL screen. If you have "Unknown" as a Type in Logbook Pro already (check Options/Aircraft) you should change these to the actual type. When the PDA Wizard imports your APDL data it will first search the incoming A/C Ident and if found, it will use that paired A/C Type to that Ident, otherwise fall back to the Default A/C Type.
I figured out how to get arruond this issue, but forgot to follow up here.

If I put Deadhead in the BLOCK and PS-PF-TD column I get the UNKNOWN unless I also put in an N-number. I just put in the ID of whatever AC I flew the last leg or I just pick one randomly. This wasn't a problem until I started trying to maximze the use of the application.