Using custom text field for reports


May 29, 2005
Perhaps someone can help me figure out how to do the following, if it's possible.

I have created some custom text fields, for instance "Student" in which I put the student name for that flight. I would like to use the analyzer or report tool to be able to filter the data on this "Student" field. Some examples would be to show all flights for student "Joe". Is this possible?

BTW, I can see how to do it for custom counter and yes/no fields, but do not see the way to access custom text fields this way.


Hello Eric,

The Analyzer is more designed towards numeric types of data, not calculating summaries for text items, in the current version. You can create custom report templates using custom text fields, you can also sort the spreadsheet style logbook on a custom text field by clicking the appropriate column header. You could then select the range of rows that has your custom information and export this information to csv, excel, etc. and analyze the data external to Logbook Pro.

Hope this gives you a few ideas...

I found the custom report template under the Jeppesen report tool. It will list the text fields, but it's not exactly what I was looking for. Perhaps I can clarify what I would like.

It would be nice if there was a database for people like there is for aircraft. For example, I would like to keep records on each CFI, student, Captain, First Officer, and Engineer that I fly with on a given flight. I have setup custom text fields for these, but I am having difficutly using the program to then generate reports/filter the data using them.

Imagine a contact style database for each person, it would have name, CFI number or student number, address, email, company, etc.

Reports I would like to have generated based on this information would be:

List all flights with student "Joe"
List all flights with Captain "Courageous"
List all flights in aircraft B-727 with Engineer "Wrench"
List all unique names of students
List all unique names of CFIs.

Perhaps this type of functionality is coming in version 2.0. For now, I will just work with what you suggested. I can sort the data based on each custom text field and then export it and analyze it outside of LogbookPro.

Is there a way under the custom report templates to only display the flight if there is a match in that custome field? I could not see how to do it, only to print out the contents of the custom text field.

Thanks again.

Thank you for the prompt reply and excellent support as usual. Looking forward to the next release.