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New member
Mar 5, 2007
JUst reinstalled on a new Vista laptop and have not been ale to find any apdl reports where they should be.

Is this a know issue?

Also the importer will work for one trip and then acts like my WM pda is disconnected. Shutting down and restarting the importer will let me import a second.


Have uninstalled and reinstalled Windows Mobile Device Center and LBP and APDL to no avail.

None of the APDL report sub directory are there.

I simply use the reports to check my log (a windows based editor would be stellar!)

Well I turned off the user account control and th os required a reboot upon which an additional lbp installation/registration popup appeared and was completed.

So it either ws the user control, the reboot, or the registration that got the reports back. I'm guessing the registration.

The schedule importer is still only doing one trip at a time.

Also after the all this, I turned the user control back on with no ill effects.


The schedule importer is designed to import only one trip at a time, that is normal. It is most likely the User Account Control that was causing a conflict, most developers leave it off, it has become more of a nuisance than a benefit and will be this way probably for a year until software vendors program around the new security model to ensure compliance.