• Apple released it's annual update - iOS 17 for both iPhones and iPads. After preliminary testing we see no issues with both Logbook Pro and APDL on iOS 17. We will continue our thorough testing with the public release and follow up should we find any issues.

    We are giving a green light on iOS 17 for all of our iOS apps.

Which Program to Buy??


Jul 17, 2007
I'll make it easy.

I have APDL and have been using it for a couple of years. I need to update the master Log, All I want to do is sync it to logbook pro put in some user friendly parameters and have it turn into Logbook format.

I don't know which one to buy, Do I get Logbook pro for windows or for PDA (comapanion I think it is).

Please help, thanks....

To sync APDL to Logbook Pro you need APDL version 6 and Logbook Pro 1.10.26. Logbook Pro's PDA Companions are like APDL, a PDA product and not something that communicates with APDL. Click here to buy Logbook Pro.
I bought APDL a couple of years ago, looks like I have version 4.31, do I have to get an update or do I have to buy a new APDL??

Before I got you reply I Dl'd and bought logbook pro PDA Comanion for, I spent 29.95, was that the wrong move?? I should have bought it for windows?? Looks like that sale was final....
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Is there a phone number some where and did the office close @5pm et? I need this program yesterday?? Thanks so much for your time....