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working with apdl and lbp

transport wanderer

New member
Oct 5, 2006
So I have been using apdl for about 4 years now. I just bought logbook pro so I can better organize all my information for those looming interviews. Now when I try to import all my information from apdl, logbook pro tells me I have not activated the license. A little help here?

Logbook Pro imports from APDL v6. It sounds like you have an older version. If you purchased on or after 6/1/2003, it is a free complimentary upgrade to version 6. Otherwise, version 6 is a discounted purchase for existing customers. Contact sales and we'll get you a $25 discount or complimentary upgrade depending on your original purchase date.
Yes, as long as you have activated your APDL code in Logbook Pro (under PDA menu) then sure, it will import that data. You can also click the Activate button on the first page of the PDA Wizard (bottom left) and enter your 01-09 code (palm) or 01-10 code (ppc).

Please also update your software, you are not using the latest version available. Download the latest from our site, it's a free update but critical.
will do. I figured it all out now. I had to retrieve the unlock code and enter that with the information. All set now.
One more question. I had archived the years 2003 and 2004. How can I restore those so they will also sync up?