Yes Funtion is my important that Form, BUT....


Nov 19, 2001
Yep, it would seem that no sooner do we get what we've been asking for more than a year do we begin to ask for improvement.

Yes the PPC pda companion works, but perhaps you designed it more for the palm, where everything displayed on that OS kind of looks ugly. But on the PPC, the sparesness, lack of a more appealing font, and lack of color usage make all the reports look poor. No offence intended here Neal (I know you're beyond that emotionalism if you write code), but you need to introduce color into the reports and each of the reports need to have a title displayed when that particular report is shown. As is now, it's very easy to forget what report you are looking at. I have to hit VIEW to chk which choice is not available to figure out which one I'm currently looking at. That could easily be remedied with page titles that employ different font and/or color.

I guess someone must have asked for it, otherwise you wouldn't have spent the time including Certificates, Ratings, and History. To me, it would seem that those are all significant catagories that are less likely to change on the go so often as to warrant in the field updates and inclusion so prominently on the PDA companion. I would have liked to see the resources given rather to a mini logbook display. I do about 4 flights a day and would like to sync every 2 to 3 days with the PC version. If I wanted to chk that an item from 3 days ago was included it would be nicer to see a list of entries of at least; date, ac id, & duration. From that list, a tap and hold on a particular entry should take you to the general page of that entry. Tapping back individually through the list of entries gets the job done, but is a time waster. And yes I know you can jump to the end or beginning, but that still doesn't cut it for efficient operation. A listing is really needed on this program, I mean afterall, that is the essence of the parent program, so a mini listing of your logbook entries should be added to the companion.

BTW, my request for use of color and font selection and diffentiation was not limited to the reports, the general logbook entry page could use some help too. Also, what is the possiblility of linking the type to the AC ids as you have in the PC version?

All of this said in hopes of a better PPC pda companion. Thanks for asking for suggestions, and I'm sure you are already looking into some of the things I mentioned.

Thanks, and I hope the enfices will be on the feedback being Used. Anyways, I wanted to clarify that 2:30AM, I should be sleeping, thread title:

Yes function is more important than form, but.......