7.1 Available


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Feb 4, 2007
Just updated to 7.1. Surprised that there was no big announcement here. Disappointed that you didn't fix my two biggest complaint items.

1) "what-if" feature still useless. This needs to be designed to calculate LATT (latest authorized takeoff time) based on EDCT, and determine how that effects both max FT limits and FDP, flagging the one that is more limiting. The way it is currently set up requires a lot of math, paper, pencil, and a time calculator app. It doesn't matter what the planned taxi time is. What matters if planned takeoff time. This is what ATC gives us, and this is what the reg uses to determine legality. Yet you have no place to enter this. Not only should it calculate legality and how much buffer exists for a planned EDCT, but it should also figure out the latest authorized takeoff time based on out time, planned taxi, planned flight time, and taxi in.

2) Still no way to display TAFB anywhere except monthly total. My old Palm did this in the trip view and the summary.
I just used the "what-if" last night for my last leg out because we were extremely delayed.....worked great on my end. Gave me my takeoff time without having to use any math!
Can you elaborate on the details? Did you have an EDCT? Did it tell you what the latest time that you could takeoff and still be legal was?
I had to plug in all the numbers, but did not have to do math. No it was not an EDCT it was for my last leg of the night. I had to figure out what time I had to be airborne before timing out.

All I did was zero out the taxi out. Plug in the flight time and the 10 minute taxi in. Used the block out time as my runway time. Adjusted the "block out" time until it showed the last possible time I had to be airborne and boom.

Very simple to do. I'm sure plugging in your EDCT time to the "blocked out" spot will do the same thing.
There are several problems with that. Only works for max FDP. Max flight time (9 hours usually) is often more limiting. So if you put takeoff time in the block out, you aren't counting the time from block out to takeoff and could exceed maximum block hours.
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FYI there is a latest block out widget in the Status Board that may be of interest. We have plans for a new SB widget more aligned with LATT/LATD we are evaluating. We have only just begun...so many great ideas, suggestions, please keep them coming.