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A/C ident

David Sewell

New member
Mar 11, 2005
For each aircraft in our fleet there is a serial number of the A/C with an associated N-number (7011 = N921CA) is ther any way I can enter(import) this database into LBP so it would be in the pull down on the A/C ident tab. I have all of these files in a XLS file? I am a new LBP user and have not made any entries, Just trying to get it all set up. I might add that we only have one type of fleet a/c. Thanks David
Hi David,

No, unfortunately you cannot. Logbook Pro doesn't refer to a preset list of information but instead reviews your prior logbook entries to populate the lists. If you have flight log data outside of Logbook Pro, you could import your flight log data then the drop down lists will auto-populate based off of the previous flight entries.

Thank you for your inquiry.