About to buy LBP, questions


Sep 10, 2007
Hey guy's. I searched the forums but couldn't find exactly what I'm looking for. I'm about to start and airline job and want to keep records on paper as well as on logbook pro. I'm guessing the airline pilot version would be best for me. My question is I have 1200 hours of flight I would need to input into the program and am wandering if I can do that on a PC instead of wearing out my new smart phone. I was thinking maybe if there is a trial version on a PC that I could use then import it into the phone and keep them both updated from then on out.

Also, I read that your programs function with windows mobil 6 as long as your use the stylus? Good news. This should really make keeping track of my flights alot easier than the book.

The suggested combination for your scenario is Logbook Pro Professional Edition for your PC, which will allow you to enter your prior 1200 hours of information, then use APDL on your Pocket PC for your current and future flying. You can order both instantly online by clicking here.
Hey Neal, thanks! But, is there some sort of trial version I can use to input the information or is the export function on the trial version's disabled. I will not be using the PC software, just the handheld version.