We need an Android "sidekick" app


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Feb 7, 2019
I understand the rationale for not developing a full-featured Android version at the time. (Hopefully it's in the future, even if distant.)

However, a sidekick app for android that supports the basic functionality would be incredibly helpful.

Let's say a pilot does have full-featured APDL on their iPad EFB. He keeps the iPad tucked into a flight bag, disconnected from wifi/cell (as we often do, to save battery). What kinds of things might he want quick and easy access to without pulling out and connecting his work iPad? What might a pilot want to be able to see when he's not at work, or is at work but not in the airplane with the iPad out?

Those are the things that should be in the Android app. Things like the ability to look up your schedule so you can answer your spouses questions about what you're doing next weekend, gate and tail information when you're in the crew room or walking around the terminal, notifications, ability to upload a crew card if scheduling sends you a new one. We don't need the full-functionality on Android as much as we need the ability to do the frequent, basic input/output stuff on whatever mobile device we carry when at work, at home, and out enjoying our well-earned time off.

We don't need fancy dialogues. Standard Android UI elements are fine. Just give us an Android interface to interact with the cloud based elements.

Pretty please?

I'm in the trial period with the app, but the fact that the app is only useful to me when I'm sitting in the cockpit has severely limited it's usefulness. Without some Android functionality on the horizon, I can't justify moving away from my current solution.
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