LBP keeps deactivating


New member
Nov 20, 2008
Hi, I have LBP-Professional edition for use on two desktop computers, specifically my desktop and my Sony Vaio ultrabook laptop. I mainly use the desktop as it has a huge screen for easier viewing. However, sometimes I like bringing my laptop on the road with me to double check/verify logbook entries when on overnights. About once a month, I will sync entries from the mobile app into the desktop program. Then save a backup file to a USB drive. When I try to open the LBP program on my laptop, it says it's the "evalutation version" and prompts me to go through the activation process. So I do that, do what I need to do on the laptop, save and backup the logbook again. Then, next time I go to open the program on the desktop, I have to go through the entire process again of activating the program, then activating the upgraded license.

So basically every time I swap between computers to transfer the update .BAK file into the program I have to go through two activation processes. It gets a little annoying. Has anyone run into this? What is going on? Yes, i'm logged into the same and only account on both programs. It's like it just wipes out the other license completely whenever I switch between computers. Isn't that the main purpose of upgrading to the "Pro" license??