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Oct 30, 2007
Over the weekend I exported my logbook as a PDF in Windows 7. Yep, Windows 7 because LBP is literally the only program I use that isn't MACOS. (I would gladly pay again for a MAC LBP!

Anyway, it worked fine even Monday AM, but now I can't get it to export to save on an external drive or on the C:\ drive.

Any thoughts are appreciated.
Usually this is caused by some "gobbly goop" (official term) in the remarks such as you may have used an emoji or something on your mobile app and synced it to Logbook Pro and it doesn't recognize those characters. Review recent logbook entries in the remarks area for bad characters. If you want me to look send me a backup in a help desk ticket.

As always, try a reboot, try the optimize procedure, then send in a backup for assistance.
I found another thread that said to send the .bak to you so I did and Eric fixed it.

I was adjusting the formatting on some of my ratings and I found that the LBPm rating turns into the second pic when synced. I tried multiple times with the same result. Works fine it you just type it into LBP desktop.


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