PocketPC slow as molasses after 1.9.9 Update


Jun 16, 2004
Dear Neal,

I put in the 1.9.9 LBP upgrade on my PC, and it worked fine. Went to put in the update to my PocketPC, and have had all sorts of issues with it.

First, the entire PocketPC is now working at a snail's pace, and it won't fire up the LBP on it anymore.

Second, syncing now seems to be an issue... it doesn't seem to want to happen.

I've tried rebooting both the PC, and the PPC, with no change. Even starting up the PPC takes a while now.

The PPC is on 3.0 of the Pocket PC Windows environment, and I'm using the free version of the Booster. The PPC is a 400MHz Dell AXIM X5. ActiveSync on the desktop PC is 3.7.1 running under Windows 2000, SP4.

Any help you can give me is much appreciated!

Thanks in advance!
I suggest uninstalling Logbook Pro from your Pocket PC, after doing so, delete the "Logbook Pro" folder from under \Program Files (on your Pocket PC using File Explorer) then reinstall the Pocket PC Companion on your PC which will reinstall the software to your PPC again.
Wilco. I'll try that tonight. I had done that before, but maybe I missed something that still has it hosed up.