backing up work using the WINDOWS style


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May 28, 2006
LBP users-

I am half way done transfering my career from paper to LBP. I have been backing it up as I go, but all that is on my laptop. One false move and I am back to square one ( drop, crash, etc). I use the Windows style, not the Excel style to input my data. I have tried to use Gary's technique of saving the data to the desktop and emailing it to another acct and then opening. The saving goes okay, but whether I save it to another Email acct, Disk (whcih doesn't work at all, ...error 503??), or external thumb drive I have problems getting the data. I looks like it saved it okay in the email acct, and on the thumb drive, but when I try to open it I get a pop up in LBP that says "invalid file"...even though after I saved it says "saved successfully" or something like that. Tips, thoughts, suggestions?

I just want to save it a few different places in case of a future problem.

right on,

To create a backup click File..Archive..Backup. Backup to your hard drive, i.e. C:\Backups and then you can e-mail the .BAK file as desired. If you are getting an error, uninstall and reinstall Logbook Pro. Data and registrations are unaffected by uninstall/reinstalls.
wow, scary. So, uninstalling and reinstalling won't get rid of the data already entered? Do i just import from the file I saved on the C: to establish the files again and the freshly installed version?