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Adding Aircraft Model and Sub-Model types?


Jun 16, 2004
Dear Neal,

I have flown for many years, and among the things I have logged is time in various permutations of aircraft (i.e. C-152, C-152 II, C-172M, C-172N, C-172SP). It would be great if in Aircraft Definitions one could specify for a given aircraft a little more detail, such as model year, assigned model sub-letter ("M", "N", "SP"), etc.

Advantage to this is then being able to also have a report that would say "C-172" time, and be able to group all the C-172 aircraft together in one report, while also being able to track if they are the "N", "M", "SP", or whatever flavor of 172's, etc., in another more detailed report.

Right now, when I log, I get around this by defining C-172M as an aircraft type, but then when I want to see all my C-172 time, I have to manually add up my C-172M, N, and SP time together to get my total. It also makes logging slightly more cumbersome because if I don't remember which tail goes with which SP year, for instance, I have to hunt using several drop-down tries in the AC Type to finally snag the right N-number.

Any possibility of working this in, or is there a different way I should go about this?


No matter where you go, there you are!
This is THE PLAN for v2.

:) Excellent! Thanks!

No matter where you go, there you are!