Logged Adding an airport???


Feb 26, 2008
How do you add an airport that is not in the database? I am trying to add KJQF, Concord Regional in Concord, NC just outside Charlotte, NC. My airline has regular service to JQF and I can not figure out a way to add it as an airport in my segments.



It appears to be omitted from the airport database, I have opened a case to investigate this. We don't offer free-form input of fixes (yet) so the only option I can think of is pick the nearest airfield only to get the time zone info working for you, then make a note so when this is fixed you can change it to the correct airfield. Or you can leave it blank which will leave the leg open but it's probably going to be a month before this is fixed as we already have 7.0.8 at Apple pending review/release.

I apologize for this. If I think of any better solution I'll let you know as well as if we can figure out how to get it to appear if in fact it is in the database but not coming up on search. KJQF has come up before in beta so I'm surprised to find it was not fixed. My apologies.