Addons for Part 121 on LBP App


Mar 1, 2002
Hello Neal,

I just made the switch to the Android version of the App, and a few weeks ago I changed my desktop version to the professional version. After all these years I figured the Part 121 might be handy to have. I was actually a little bummed to find out it didn't do as much as I had hoped for. nonetheless, I am happy to have it.

Today, after installing the app and downloading my flights, I added some flights from the last few days. I went to the Part 121 lookback, but found that the most important lookbacks, i.e. Whitlow, and duty times are not incorporated. That would be a huge asset if you can add it in the next update.

I was planning to stop using my airlinelogbook software on my old PPC phone, since it shuts down once in a while. but with the tablet alone I will not have a quick glance at these very important features while on the line.

Could you please look into this ? It would certainly bring many pilots into the future and start using the app.

Thanks !
Patrick Sieders
Hi Patrick,

Thank you for your feedback and requests. You'll want our upcoming app "APDL" which will be a dream come true for you. However, it requires iOS but we don't know if/when on Android yet but my hope is that we do once iOS is stabilized. We'll keep you and everyone else updated via our newsletters.

Thanks for the superfast reply.

One question : Do I have to buy into another set of programs to make it work on the APDL software ? I sure hope not after all I spent today..

I will look forward though to the new app, and am sure it will be something worth waiting for.

Patrick Sieders