adpl and palm reports

bill lumbergh

Jan 9, 2007
I tried to run a report from my palm adpl and logbook pro says there are no such reports and I should choose to run reports on the next sync.

well i had selected to run reports in the sync menu and it never works.

how can i get a report generated to keep track of my perdiem without having to look it up on my palm?
palm treo 700p from sprint.

the adpl works fine on the phone and sync's fine to my computer- only the reports arent there.

I hope you all can help.


When you run the PDA Wizard, make sure the checkbox at the top right section of the APDL config page is checked to run the APDL Legacy Reports. After the PDA Wizard completes, the reports are accessed from the Reports...APDL Reports...Palm menu.
i have checked the reports on the pda wizard (it doesnt say legacy reports) just reports

and i have tried to run reports for the palm but still nothing happens. i get an error message.

"the selected report has not yet been generated. on the next apdl sync be sure to select the option to generate reports."

well I did that and it doesnt work.

please help.
Make sure your Palm Username is correct in the PDA Wizard as it may not be finding your APDL PDB's. You can also try moving the files (not deleting) out of C:\Program Files\palmOne\{Your Palm Username}\Backup then HotSync again to draw in the files again from your device. But this really sounds like a Palm Username situation.
I verified the name and it was correct.

now I tried to find the files using the explorer from the start button on microsoft xp, but under program files/palm (its a treo 700p)

i dont fine a file with my palm user name/ or a backup file

I did find Looking under palm file/700pT/APLD
and the reports so I know they are in there somehow.

I just dont know why the reports wont show up?