ADPL installation gotchas???

yankee clipper

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Jul 1, 2006
I fly part 121 in multiple acft types and multiple time zones.

Currently using LBP PC v1.10.25, PPC v1.10.16. Getting ready to install my ADPL.

What must I consider in all 3 versions before/during/after the installation of ADPL v6.0.5 and the Schedule Importer v6.1.5?
E.g.: time zone settings, synchronization switches, etc.

Please consider the LBP v1.10.26 patch/upgrade problem in your answer.

Thanks in advance
Yankee Clipper:confused:

I suggest updating your PC to Logbook Pro 1.10.26 for the latest improvements. You shouldn't have any problems installing APDL and you can refer to the PDF documentation from the Start menu (APDL group) for more information on configurating the software.
ADPL setttings?

Nice documentation for ADPL

My Payroll is calculated down to the minute.

My *.pdf schedule lists times in local time with the Zulu hour in parenthesis.

Airports are listed with 3-letter IDs

The following questions have come up:

Q1; How do I properly set the “Time Calculations” in Preferences to accurately reflect payroll? How will these “Time Calculations” settings affect the block-time conversions in LBP PC?

Q2; How do I import my *.pdf schedule and display it in Zulu time?

Q3; Can airports be listed with 4-letter ICAO IDs for international flights?

Q4; If I want to log time in Zulu, should I set everything in Zulu; e.g. domicile, schedules, airports, etc.?

Btw, for the LBP upgrade to v1.10.26 do I do an incremental upgrade OR the full removal of 1.10.25 and then the full install of 1.10.26?