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Block time entry conversion

yankee clipper

Well-known member
Jul 1, 2006
Catching up on data entry. Up to this point all flights have been within a single time zone, e.g. either CST or EST. Now the entries cover multiple time-zones.

Is there a way to designate a timezone (local or Zulu) with each block time entry, OR must I convert the times to Zulu before entry into LBP PC, PPC?

I will begin using ADPL in the new year. Please consider this in your answer.

Yankee Clipper
If you already know the duration, don't worry about the times, they really serve no purpose unless you want a record of them. Otherwise yes, you'll need to keep them in a the same time zone, such as ZULU.
Do you already know the duration?

The times have no purpose in Logbook Pro other than to allow you to auto-calculate the duration of a flight. In this case, i.e. you are needing Logbook Pro to calculate your Duration, then you need to keep a consistent time zone so it gets the correct number of hours/minutes from departure to arrival (off/on).