Random, automatic changes to duty on time when entering leg data


Sep 27, 2005
I have a Treo 755P with Palm OS. I used to use APDL PPC on a handheld device, but quit using it b/c, at the time, the PPC was more in beta test mode and was proving unrealiable. Now that I have the Palm OS, I am testing the software on my Treo and have run into a quirk. I have my domiciletimezone set to UTC-8 for LAX and my logbook timezone just set to UTC. I noticed, by doing this, that all the rest data, etc. posts in UTC, not local times. Easy enough, b/c the UTC conversion is atleast consistent versus trying to do it off my home time zone in Virginia. Since UTC is the universal time for aviation, I felt it would be easiest to have all my data saved in that format. Here is the quirk. I think I have set this timezone data correctly, but when I go to manually enter a trip into the program, I start at the top and work my way down, I usually enter the duty on, but skip the duty off since I don't know when that will be yet. I go down and fill in flight #, dep, arr, sblk out, sblk in. Usually, about the time I get to filling in the arrival airport, I look up to see my duty on time change. Why would this be happening. My dropdown at the top of the screen says I am in local mode, but yet it appears it changes to zulu????
Here is an example:

Just entered data for a new day as follows:
Trip, Crew, Duty on, skipped duty off, flt#, dep, des, skipped to sch out / in, then skipped to CA-PNF-DAY. Duty on was entered at 0945 in SLC, local time. When I touched the CA-PNF-DAY, my duty on time changes to 0245, 7 hrs prior to my duty on time, as though it was treating my entered time of 0954 as a zulu time, and it thinks the 0245 is the local time. What gives?