Updating to LBP v1.10.3x

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Jul 1, 2006
LBP v1.10.25 on a Windows XP Pro laptop
LBP PPC v1.10.16 & APDL PPC v6.0.5 on a Dell Axim X51v

I have read the release notes and several threads, that indicate a rather complex installation procedure, e.g. moving some directories and/or files, UAC, etc.

Question 1:
How do I upgrade my LBP (PC) to the v1.10.3x versions?

Question 2:
Do I need to "touch" LBP PPC and APDL PPC as part of the update process of LBP (PC)?

Yankee Clipper

Logbook Pro PPC Companion doesn't need to be updated at this time.

APDL for PPC should be upgraded to 6.1.4 & Logbook Pro should be upgraded to 1.10.37 at this time.

Logbook Pro upgrade directions click here it references 1.10.36 but the directions are exactly the same and the file is now linked to 1.10.37 for download.

APDL Upgrade directions click here
UAC vs. Win XP Pro

Hi Eric,
the main reason for my thread are some apparant issues with UAC and Win XP Pro, that some user are reporting. Can't remember the particular thread I read.
Currently, in v1.10.25 my LBP data files reside in C:/My Documents/.../Aviation/Logbooks. For continuity, I would like to continue using these folders.

Do I have to store my data files in the /Documents/My Logbook Pro Files/v1 folder? It seems this particular instruction is intended for VISTA user.

Please clarify.
Yankee Clipper

Installation Instructions:
  1. Backup your Logbook Pro data file (File..Archive..Backup)
  2. Uninstall Logbook Pro for Windows from the Windows Control Panel Add/Remove programs area (Programs & Features for Vista users)
  3. Rename C:\Program Files\Logbook Pro to C:\Program Files\Logbook Pro-OLD if it remains after uninstall (which is fine)
  4. Click here to download the 1.10.36 release
  5. Install and resume use of Logbook Pro
Vista Users that wish to re-enable User Account Control (UAC):

In Logbook Pro click Help...About Logbook Pro. At the bottom of the dialog you'll see the location of your data file. If your data file resides in the "C:\Program Files" folder then UAC will not be happy with you! In Logbook Pro 1.10.36 click the File...Move logbook to... option and move your Logbook Pro data file to the newly created /Documents/My Logbook Pro Files/v1 folder. Once this is accomplished you can now turn on UAC from the Windows Control Panel User Accounts area, reboot, then use Logbook Pro normally.
The folders are not that import in XP. But very import in Vista. If you choose not use the standard folders in Vista you will have to turn off the UAC.
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Within LBP (PC) v1.10.25 I accessed the Online/Check Web for Updates... Menu. It guided me through the download process for the current version (v1.10.37) and after the completed download requested to click the "Update Now" button for the update.

Watching the progress screen, do I correctly understand that the Install wizard will automatically take care of UNinstalling of the old version (v1.10.25)? And then also automatically and correctly install the new version (v1.10.37)?

OR, did I just hose myself????

Yankee Clipper
v1.10.3x folder structure

Hi Eric,
don't seem to have any problems, yet.

btw, after the "Online/Check the Web for Updates..." process, it left the following folder structure.
C:/Program Files/Logbook Pro/... and the subfolders
.../Logbook Pro Video Training
.../Pocket PC Companion

Is this the folder structure you would expect to see, OR do I start over again?

If you need more detailed info, let me know please.

Yankee Clipper
Hi Eric,
thank you. Excellent support again.

The update via LBP (PC) "Online/Check Web for Updates..." menu seems quite a bit more user friendly (at least for a Win XP user, like me). Could you mention that as an alternate way to update to the latest version of LBP (PC)?

Yankee Clipper