ADPL logbook pro sync


Sep 20, 2006
I recently switched from Palm to windows mobile 6 (ATT tilt).
How do I tell Logbook pro I would like to now sync to my windows device?
All licenses are registered.


When you run the PDA Wizard in Logbook Pro 1.10.26 on your PC you'll follow the path for Logbook Pro Pocket PC Companion. Nothing else is required, just make sure your device is cradled and connected when you sync and I also suggest closing out of Logbook Pro on the Pocket PC prior to sync.
The wizard only detects the old PDA (palm) I cannot select the user name of my other PDA (windows 6).
There is no path for the Pocket PC.
Are you seeing the start page of the PDA Wizard with the four PDA options? If the Logbook Pro Pocket PC Companion is grayed out you need to click the button on the lower left or go to the PDA...Register PDA licenses menu to enter your 01-08 license code so Logbook Pro knows it can sync with Logbook Pro's Pocket PC Companion.
I don't see any of what you mention.
I did register with a 01-10 code ADPL.
I am using ADPL not the companion product - mentioned that in the fist post (subject line)
In order for the Synchronize process to function, the PDA registration code must be entered both on the PDA device as well as under the PDA menu within Logbook Pro.

After you have APDL properly registered do the following to sync.
Start Logbook Pro
Select PDA
Select Launch PDA Wizard
Select APDL for Pocket PC and select Next and follow the direction to sync

You must be running Logbook Pro 1.10.26 and APDL 6.0.5 for Pocket PC.

The PDA you are using must have a stylus for input or it will not work.
First post 3 days ago and still have the same problem! I am sure a simple call could fix this in 10 minutes. Please don't tell me how much a call center would cost etc etc etc..... not interested. I paid for three products and do not have full functionality. Please read the entire thread so I don't have to retype the info I already provided.

I recently switched to a pocket pc (read the first post) All fees paid and registered. Cannot sync pocket pc to logbook pro. When I launch the wizard it only recognizes the palm device which I no longer want to use. I cannot select pocket pc for windows because it is not there.
Please follow the steps below, then start Logbook Pro and then the PDA Wizard:

-Click and type in REGEDIT, press okay to get into the registry editor
-Expand Software
-Expand VB and VBA Program Settings
-Find any entries on the left with "Logbook Pro" in the text, right-click and delete each one
-Close the registry editor

Select the appropriate choice of the four PDA options and proceed with APDL Pocket PC for your option assuming you have activated your 01-10 code inside Logbook Pro under the PDA...Register PDA licenses menu.