ADPL Timezones and Logbook pro


Mar 29, 2005
Hi, I cant seem to find answers in FAQs or the manual. My settings in ADPL are

Domiciles Time Zone UTC8 (Perth, Australia)
Logbook Time Zone UTC

At present I do not use Schedule importer.

I am trying to import my ADPL data into my logbook so that it shows each entry in Logbook Pro on the local day ie UTC+8. I.E. Is that the way the programs should work? At present the data imported to LBP is still displayed in LBP as the UTC day and not UTC+8.

I DID change the settings for Logbook Time Zone from UTC+8 to UTC(as I have only just started to use ADPL I can easily redo entries if necessary). Would this be stopping the program from displaying the info in LBP as I wish ? Do I need to do a complete reinstal of ADPL.
Are you saying that the ADPL record will be transferred to LBP as the date on the Logpage of ADPL regardless of the setting in the ADPL Logbook Time zone setting?

If I have my ADPL Logbook Time Zone set to UTC+8
and in ADPL I record a flight on the logpage on the 08/15/06 at 2200 to 2300.

Will this always be transferred to LBP as a flight on the 15th?

All data that is saved in APDL is saved in the "Logbook" timezone. If you want your data imported to Logbook Pro to be local time, then you need to do as you have, setting UTC +8. If you want your data in the logpage to be viewed in UTC, use the "Timezone" selector to change from "Logbook" to "Zulu." This only affects future flying, not previously saved data.