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Air Canada Crewsware importer


Jun 8, 2004
Alberta Canada
Neal / Paul

Re Air Canada Crewsware schedule importer:

Version 6.0.1 fixes the previous problem I reported (unable to import Delhi, and Hong Kong pairings), however there is a minor glitch. The flight number being imported nowis actually the AC type, eg either 330, or 340, instead of the correct flight number. I have attached a copy of my crewsware Aug schedule for your perusal. All pairings seem to act the same way WRT the AC type / flight number confusion.


Thank you Ian! We will review the information you graciously provided and we are targeting an update for early to mid-August. Tracking number for your reference is CR 741.

Thanks Neal... Would you mind pulling my pdf off the public site. BTW is there some way to upload this so that it will not be available to the public?

addendum... I removed it myself, however I'm still curious how to deliver files like this without showing them publicly
Nope, came back to get it and you deleted it. I received the ticket and attached your PDF to our tracking system under CR 741 for the schedule importer team to work.

Thank you for the feedback to provide a better quality product for all.