Aircraft (Classification) By Flight?


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Jul 16, 2006

I regularly fly in aircraft that are certified as both "Normal" and "Aerobatic" but only fly acrobatics some of the time. I can't figure out a way to express this with the standard reports. If I classify the aircraft as Normal then it counts the time as Normal but if I specify the plane as Aerobatic then it counts the time as aerobatic. Is there a way to set the classification on a per flight basis? This system of configuration-by-aircraft works for constants such as Complex, High Performance, or Tailwheel, but seems too static for something like a classification. Also, I realize that it is possible to define two different aircraft in Logbook Pro, one normal and one aerobatic, but they cannot have the same name and this also means that my time graphs are messed up and do not accurately report the number of hours I have in a given plane (because it is separated by the specific classification a flight was conducted under). Is there some way to configure classification on a per flight basis? If not, this would be a great feature to add. Also, is there a way to break down aircraft type by subtype (in other words a way to look at say "Total Warrior Hours" or "PA28-151 Hours" & "PA28-161 Hours" individually)?

Hello John,

You have several options, the creativity is up to you. As you alluded, you can create two types, such as TYPE1 then TYPE1-AERO to distinguish the difference. The other idea is to use the custom columns. Go to Options...Custom and then the Yes/No tab and create a yes/no column "Aerobatic" which you can then check for flights in which this was as Aerobatic. You can then filter on this in the Analyzer, etc.
I understand that those are possibilities but the problem is that reports such as the Percentages Summary are incorrect as they will report 100% Normal category. The way I see it there is no way to accomplish this without breaking some of the built-in reports.