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Nov 4, 2018
Greenville, SC
Flight Log by Aircraft Type Report - Error in Page Total Calculations

My page totals are not showing accurate totals on the "Flight Log by Aircraft Type Report." If I manually add up the subtotals per type on each page, they don't equal the automated totals at the bottom of each page. It's weird because some pages are accurate while other are not. Other reports are also inaccurate. Any ideas?

Logbook Pro Report Error.JPG
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Are you logging in only hours and tenths? Or are you logging out to the hundredths place?

Please send us your backup file from Logbook Pro (file...backup to file and skip password). You can email the file to helpdesk@nc-software.com
Thanks Eric! All flight time is logged in hours and tenths. My logbook dates back to 1990, so there could be an entry error that I have missed.

Per your request, I've sent the file to the helpdesk email address.

Thanks again!