Report Woes / Not meeting requirements


Dec 21, 2013

I think my report is not working properly. When I generate the report it doesn't generate a page for "Flight Time Totals"- Specifically the one that breaks it down by Category and Class, then breaks it down by "Total By Time" i.e. PIC, SIC, or DUAL. This is a requested page of info on Further, when I created aircraft as Simulator only, in other words, I put the bare bones info in for the aircraft and click simulator the program still includes those times in my totals when it comes to PIC/SIC/DUAL. In other words, how can I make the total time or "Duration" be computed in but leave the PIC/SIC/DUAL out of my logbook totals; YET at the same time have those numbers entered so as to be included properly in the report section that specifically breaks the sim time down by PIC/SIC/DUAL. This seems broken. Ill post another thread regarding the time breakdown separately since this is almost 2 different issues.

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I'll blame it on me up and staring at the numbers way too long. Oof this is embarassing- the page I was referring to is a simple place for reviewing what you put into the system. My apologies.

*A bit red-faced

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EDIT: As for the other issue with PIC/SIC/DUAL times I know you can't recommend how to log time here either. Thanks for the quick reply.
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