Simulator Time- Want Duration in totals, not PIC/SIC/DUAL (but need those a report)


Dec 21, 2013
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Here's the deal: As per the requirements of and the report that LBP can generate I apparently need to add PIC/SIC/DUAL time in my Simulator rides. That said, I don't want these in my logbook totals as these wouldn't be legal additions to a logbook. My understanding is I can only log Duration, and Simulator Time in my logbook. Additionally, I created seperate "Aircraft" in the Options as purely simulator entries. For Example, I have the SA227DC as one aircraft and a SIM SA227DC as another. The SIM has Simulator checked and the other does not. Bottomline: Is there a way to tell LBP that I want to keep PIC/SIC/DUAL times in the simulator rides ONLY for the report and not include them for everything else? At the end of the day the report is not generating all the Data as advertised. The only way I can see is to choose which one you want accurate... Simulator break downs or the rest of the times...

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The report is generated the data per the rules set forth by and we have not had any issues reported regarding this to date. Please check that you are logging your flights properly and read their rules carefully to understand how they are asking for the time to be dissected. SIM time from Logbook Pro comes from the Flight Simulator column of your logbook, not the checkbox in Options/Aircraft setting.
I see. What is the purpose of the Simulator Checkbox in the aircraft options? I want to maximize my use of this great product; the better I understand it the better I can do this. Also is there way to make PIC/SIC/DUAL time not show up in the totals while having it show up in airlineapps report?
OK So- I added PIC/SIC/DUAL times to my sim rides (Very vague in the FARs) if thats what you meant by logging my time properly. Not that its a big deal- but the Sim Total Time doesn't show up in the report. Obviously not a big deal, you simply add the 4 columns... but none the less it doesn't come up.

EDIT: Additionally, the Military Sorties (Fixed Wing Only) are not working. It got 298 for the total, but has 178 for PIC, 117 for SIC and 31 for student. I got 326 for my total with those numbers.
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I didn't imply anything that was missing in your logs, you should log per your regs. Read the rules carefully as you'll see how it excludes times when combined with others, etc. Logbook Pro accounts for this to come up with the numbers. All of the details are on for you to review.