Airport Acclimation


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Jun 12, 2006
I don't remember having a problem before, but on the trip I just finished, APDL is not recognizing that I acclimated to a new theater. I had 48 hour layover in NCL after a flight from EWR. We were an un-augmented crew. ADPL calculated my returning flight NCL-EWR FDP based on being acclimated in EWR which is incorrect and flagged a FDP violation for going over 9:00, when in fact my correct max FDP is 14:00 based on being acclimated in NCL.

Then I tried to go back and change the airport of acclimation and it wouldn't allow me to or I was going to the wrong page (Legality Page). If I was on the incorrect page to edit the FDP, which page is correct?

Then I imported the same trip back into APDL, but with a start date in September. Same results. It does not calculate the return flight FDP based on NCL and I tried to find where I could change the airport the FDP is based on and it would either return to EWR or I am not on the correct page to make that edit.

View attachment TripE3383.pdfI'm probably missing something here, because I don't remember this happening in the past.

BTW, I'm using version



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