Answered All 2021 Entries Missing when Filtering


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May 10, 2021
I'm configuring my logbook to display certain entries and noticed that when I use the filter option, no data after 2020 is displayed. When I disable the filter option, the 2021 entries return. How do I fix this to display all of my data? Thanks.
There is a bug in the spreadsheet style log area and ONLY this area when forcing a sort by clicking on a column header or using the filter toolbar. As this area sorts on open just close and reopen the log area by clicking File > Close Spreadsheet Logbook and then reopen from the toolbar or menu (no need to close the program).

If using the filter toolbar do not use a preset date filter range such as Last 7 Days. Always use the custom option at the bottom to choose start and end dates and this will fix the issue.

This again ONLY applies to this one area of Logbook Pro. Nothing else is affected.
So now I can only use the Custom filter to select dates. Got it. When is an update coming out to fix this?
This bug is minor and easily worked around only affecting this one area of the app, therefore, will not warrant an update. Most people do not force a sort by clicking column headers, the logbook is sorted automatically when opened and new entries added. If using the filter bar just choose custom for dates and set the start and end date.
I miss having the predefined date ranges in the logbook spreadsheet filter.
What are you using the filter for in the spreadsheet log area, which is the only area affected? For data analysis I suggest using the Analyzer which has the date presets available, also reports use it.