also ....


Dec 5, 2003
Are there any phone numbers for the company? I don't see any listed anywhere, for questions, before I purchase the combo pack I'm interested in .... ?? hmmmmmm !
I answered your e-mail and your private message. Here is the info again:

We do not offer public phone services. We respond to all e-mail inquires and forum posts in short order. If an issue arises, such as for tech support, where we need to communicate via voice, we arrange to call the customer. We have rarely, if ever, had to do this.

We prefer the e-Community so members can help members. The more we can share in the support realm, the more time the developers can develop and not answer phones. I know, we all 'want it now' but we have to take into account available resources.

Thank you very much for your reply! I wanted to make a purchase before the weekend....

I will hold off making the purchase of the combo pack I was interested in, until I'm sure I make the right decision.

Unfortuantely, I do not have the time to wait for basic purchasingquestions, to be answeredon message boards, etc, as I have a busy schedule as well.

best regards,

paul sklar