Analyse Logbook for Errors


New member
Sep 2, 2004
When I tried the Analyse Logbook for errors function, it kept stating "You have entered a time category that exceeds the Flight Time (Duration). There were many of these so called errors. I checked the entries and found nothing wrong. The out and in times difference matched the duration time. When I inputed this information originally in LBP, I didn't receive any error messages at that time. Why am I getting these messages when I don't see anything wrong? When It asked If I wanted to fix the problems, I said yes, but then couldn't find anything to fix. So I started saying no to this question. After about 20 of these error messages, I finally just canceled this function of LBP. Any suggestions?

Please create a backup (File..Archive..Backup) and e-mail the BAK file to for review. Tell me the exact line that has the issue.