Another time calculation problem


New member
May 26, 2008
This issue may have been gone over before in another thread, but I could not find it. If someone could please direct me towards that link, I'd appreciate it.

Here is my problem though. It has occured in a few different places within APDL. It involves the program moving the decimal point somehow in time calculations and coming up with times that are much bigger than they should be. For instance, in the log pages, when I would enter INST time, if I entered .8 and .9 for two legs, it would not total to 1.7, but instead, 17.0 hours. It did not do this for any of the other times. Not that big a deal, I just had to remember to move the decimal back over. Now I have found it occuring in the Crewrest display as well. But, again it is not a consistent problem. I had one trip that added the block time within 7 days correctly, then I scroll through the days of the week and another trip creeps into the equation and all of a sudden I get the 30/7 issue warning and I look at the total and it says 84.2 hours within 7 days, and my daily block times are 4.1, 3.4, 8.0, 1.6, and 3.3.

So, has this issue been discussed somewhere hopefully and I just did not dig deep enough, or has no one encountered this problem yet? Thanks for the help.

Btw, I just found the Whitlow Rest fix and glad that I can finally use that function. Thanks!!