APDL and Logbook Pro, Autofill issues


Dec 19, 2003
I'm not sure if this is more suited to APDL support or LBPro support. I have LBPro set up to autofill SIC to match duration of the aircraft I import times from APDL from. This does not seem to work. I will post a message on their board too, as it may be a singlesync issue.

Autofill is only fired when manually entering data. It does not fire when importing as it shouldn't. Imagine you have a flight recorded on your PDA set exactly as it should be logged, then you import it and Logbook Pro 'adds' times in other fields. The flight has to be 'captured' exactly as is with your manual input, then transferred to the PC in that exact configuration.

Hmm, ok. In my mind, there should be no difference to LBPro as to where the data comes from, whether you fat finger or hotsync it. Since it is the same type airplane the data is for, the rules should also be the same.

Oh well, maybe I'll ask Paul if he could make the entry automatically reflect either PIC or SIC time based on the Capt or FO payroll category in APDL. Thanks for the quick response!

I was having the same issue but I think I came up with an easy answer. When importing into Logbood Pro, you have to set up a template. In doing so,I saw that I had some extra columns labeled Duration that I wasn't using. I just linked those to SIC and Cross Country. Now it is filled in during the import and I don't have to worry about autofill.

Yes, you can work around these items with a little bit of creativity, such as using Microsoft Excel to prepare the data, create extra columns copying one to another to add targets/sources in the import process.

I am working on 1.9.6 and considering an option post import to run a autofill on your complete logbook, as there is no way to identify the newly imported data, it's an all or nothing shot. I am still weighing the pro's/con's as it's not exactly a best practice to modify your data in this nature, but it will be up to the user to decide their fate with this switch. Stay tuned! :)