Announcement APDL is now FREE to all users for the first 90 Days

Neal Culiner

Founder, President
Staff member
Nov 14, 2001
NC Software is happy to announce that APDL for iOS now has a 90 DAY FREE TRIAL. Download the app now and sign in with your NC Software account to begin using APDL immediately with FULL functionality.

We realize the Sample Log did not provide the adequate demonstration of the full functionality of APDL that we want you to experience. As a result we are offering the very same 90 day trial we offered with APDL Palm and Pocket PC.

Customers who already purchased APDL have already had your subscriptions extended 90 days as a courtesy as you did not have this opportunity.

We look forward to everyone enjoying APDL "on the house" for the first 90 days and then you can decide from there whether to continue unrestricted use.

Thank you for choosing NC Software and we hope you enjoy APDL that we worked hard developing over three years and counting.
Awesome display of customer service to extend this to those of us who have already paid for APDL! Thank you!
Great news and good timing. I'm expecting my new iPod Touch to be delivered this week. Does that include the schedule importer functionality?
Excellent. Looking forward to using it. Really looking forward to retiring my Palm to a museum somewhere. It's been a dependable companion but it's dying (battery life) and it needs to retire.