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Bug Report APDL.net "delete day" issue


Apr 6, 2006
On the APDL.net website:

Trip pasted and processed.

Want to delete a "day" of flying from the processed trip.
Pressed "delete"
Day of flying deleted
Days of flying subsequent to this deleted day for this specific rotation now "moved back" a day...example: rotation 1234 starts 4/2 and ends 4/5...deleted day 4/2. Now the flying that was on 4/3 shows as departing on 4/2.
I just wanted to delete 4/2 and leave the rest of the flying "as is" on their scheduled days.


Neal Culiner

Founder, President
Staff member
Nov 14, 2001
Unfortunately there is no way to fix this at this time. I suggest leave the day in, import, delete app side. Also, you can remove all LEGS for the day and it should skip that day as well but you can try either. The schedule importer is designed to base off of a trip start date and then roll the dates by each day.