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Bug Report Red eye turns imported as separate duty periods


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Sep 2, 2018

when i have a leg before a redeye ADPL importer is importing those two legs as separate duty periods with rest between the two. APDL then immediately flags these as a legality issue because the rest is less than 10 hours. I then have to manually delete the second duty period and add the redeye to the first duty period. I suspect that this has something to do with the fact that the first flight ends on one calendar day and the redeye starts on the next. Please see attached screenshots for examples. Is it possible to avoid this and have the trips imported correctly?


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I’m still having this problem. Could someone from APDL please comment on wether there is a way to prevent this or if a fix is planned?586F00CE-06A7-42A1-8F97-0DC862D83158.jpeg1A039977-486D-4EE7-8312-1C5093939F1F.pngB4CEC5FB-9E79-45B8-AEB2-1542083709CB.png
Yes those are correct. I think you missed the point of my post. Every time I import this type of trip it’s imported incorrectly and shows legality issues when there is none.